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for ingrown toenails and verucca

What is Verruca Needling?

As an alternative to Swift, Coventry Foot Clinic is pleased to offer Falknor’s needling treatment to patients with stubborn verrucae following a thorough assessment appointment.

Falknor’s needling procedure is an innovative and effective treatment for verrucae (warts) which are benign types of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) group. It is a form of soft tissue therapy which is intended to break down the verruca and create a controlled inflammatory response which, in turn, stimulates the body’s immune system to recognise the virus and destroy it.

​Needling is different from most other verruca treatments as it usually only requires one treatment session making it ideal for busy people or those who do not wish to undergo lengthy treatment schedules. 24 hours after treatment you can shower as normal without the need to keep bulky dressings dry. After usually two days no dressings are needed so you can quickly return to your normal activities.

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How does it work?

By puncturing the verruca with an empty sterile needle many times, the viral particles are directly exposed to the fatty tissue beneath the skin where the body is rich in immune regulators. Here, the immune system can recognise and destroy the virus. Treatment of only one verruca is usually all that is required, even if multiple verrucae are present.

Does it hurt?

​The procedure is carried out painlessly under a local anaesthetic of which you will need a small injection. You will not feel the needling taking place. Following the surgery mild soreness has been reported by a few patients although many feel no discomfort at all following treatment. You will not be able to drive immediately after surgery but can the following day.

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