specialist podiatry treatments
for ingrown toenails and verucca

What is Swift?

Swift is the latest and the most successful treatment available today to finally banish that embarrassing, contagious and often painful verruca. It also treats warts on the hands and is suitable for adults and children. It does not involve injections or having to deal with fiddly dressings. Immediately following each treatment you are able to go about your day, go swimming, to the gym, whatever you wish to do, Covid permitting!!!

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Like many medical treatments, some discomfort may be experienced. Before treatment your podiatrist will discuss pain relief options available in clinic at no extra cost to you if you think you would prefer it.

Pain levels vary from person to person but most people undergoing Swift find it lasts 2 – 3 seconds then quickly subsides allowing you to get on with your day.


In some cases the treated area may feel a little tender but will not prevent you undertaking normal daily activities. Most people experience no pain after the treatment at all.


This will depend on how you respond to treatment which is monitored during your treatment schedule. The 7 month treatment package allows you to have as many treatments as you need to banish that verucca usually spaced about a month apart.

Your Podiatrist will discuss this with you.


With a few exceptions, most adults or children with verruca or warts on the hands would be able to have this treatment. The main reason preventing treatment would be if you have any metal in your body near the treatment area. Your Podiatrist will carry out an assessment prior to treatment and be able to advise you on this.

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I tried other treatments like Cryotherapy (very painful), acids and popular verruca treatments from the pharmacy, but nothing worked. I went to see Julia out of desperation as my Cryotherapy had been cancelled due to Covid -19. My verrucas were out of control and causing me great discomfort. At my consultation, Julia explained the process and was optimistic that the Swift Treatment would have an effect. I decided to give it a go and I can’t believe how effective it has been. In less than 4 months I am virtually verruca free and they have faded away. The Swift Treatment is not very painful and I was able to drive home afterwards, for me it has been very effective and I am so pleased that I decided to give it a go. Julia was fantastic and the treatment also included visits to pair down the verrucas in-between the 4-week Swift Therapy. Highly recommended and many thanks.

A Sanga

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