​At Coventry Foot Clinic we often use the Lacuna Method - a simple effective treatment for fungal nails. 

What is the Lacuna Method?

​Lacuna means cavity or unfilled space. A fungal nail is actually caused by an infection of the skin underneath the nail. There will be a space between the nail and the skin, the Lacuna. The Lacuna method allows the anti fungal treatment to treat this hard to reach area through tiny holes carefully placed in the nail. Suitable for ages 16 and over. 

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Are my nails fungal? Signs include:

  • Thickened nails
  • Crumbly or brittle nails
  • Distorted in shape or lifting
  • White, yellow or brown nails
  • Nails without a healthy shine

Lacuna method for fungal nails involves:

  • Pain free safe treatment
  • Micro holes in the nail allow an anti fungal treatment to reach the point of infection directly under the nail
  • Continued once a day application of anti fungal treatment allows the nail to grow out healthily​​